The New Collection of Resin Panels for Interior Design MAXALABISO is the new frontier of art applied to INTERIOR DESIGN.

The MAXALABISO Decorative ArtPanels are Handmade in Italy with metalized powders on aluminum and resin, made with Custom Designs in DigitalArt and Acrylics for subject and style,
modulated and configured according to your needs. The panels are protagonists in any contemporary scenario, for originality and elegance, such as SPA, wellness centers, yachts; they are waterproof, can adapt to environments in contact with water and be backlit with LED.

They constitute the reference point of the market, both for the originality of design
that for the AR application connected to them called VISIONNAIRE

"V I S I O N N A I R E" is an installation between the perceiving body and the perceived world
to create unique emotional and engaging paths